On The 7th Annivesary of 3.11


...Today, radiation levels are higher in Fukushima than they were in 2011.
Last week, the media and main stream shut down many of the Fukushima websites and live streams because they wanted you to particularly pay more attention to Oscars.more

"Fukushima What They Are Not Telling You THE TRUTH"

【Case Study】

19 Sep 2017






(Sep. 2017 Fukushimaを去るにあたってTwitterの書き込んだ記事に加筆修正)


I moved to Fukushima

On June 25, I moved to Fukushima for my new job. Now I join the project of improving radiation problem here, which I have wanted for long. Right on the day of my arrival here in Minami-Soma city, the local police started organized stalking (COINTELPRO) on me since I have been accusing their human rights violations.

A police car chased my car pretending "coincidental encountering" on the third people's eye, as is usual technique of their stalking crime. Today as well at 4 pm sharp on my way to AEON supermarketin Minami-Soma, two corrupted police men in the poplice car passed me at the entrance of the shopping mall and ambushed in the front of AEON super market.

Visiting Kaiten Memorial in Yamaguchi, Japan

I went to Kaiten Open Air Museum on Mar. 21, 2016.

Human torpedo "Kaiten" 

Pacific War of the end, "to rotate the heavens, to reverse the course of the war" in the hope that, the human torpedo "Kaiten" was born.
 It is equipped with a large amount of explosives in the torpedo, personnel itself in is maneuvering to suicide weapon that hit the body to the enemy ship and, in here Otsu Island training base has been placed in the personnel, elite people of around 20 years of age from all over the country gathered, it had repeatedly rigorous training every day. Then, in order to protect the homeland beleaguered, it is that many of the young people began to sortie from here.
 Living today we, describing the historical fact of the human torpedo "Kaiten" here, their feelings for posterity multiplied their lives for the sake of those who love the homeland, must Yuka at Kataritsui long time.
 For the sake of eternal world peace realization is mankind many years of long-cherished wish.

  Kaiten Memorial

cointelpro mk ultra

Author:cointelpro mk ultra
The writer of 『拝啓 日本のギャングストーカー犯罪者の皆様』(Dear COINTELPRO Criminals) <集団ストーカーの死> (The Death of COINTELPRO Stalkers), and "Unprecedented Human Rights Violation" Discussion Room / Study Room. Also a co-editor of 「新しいタイプの人権侵害・暴力」(Unprecedented Human Rights Violation)

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