Cont'd: The Police Report of Stolen Money and Damaged Items

The followings are the updated information of continued vandalism on my apartment room.

Apr. 27 Mon
After I came back from Bangkok, I found that someone sneaked into my room and the blade edge of Dojo Pro sword again.

May 3, Sun
When I came back from my Bangkok, I found someone sneaked into my room and put a raw fish skin about 2 cm wide on the bed of my room. Besides, someone made many scrathes again – this time near the mouth of the scabbard (blade case) of Dojo Pro sword.

May 7
In the morning when I woke up, I found an insect bite cream on my back in the bed, which I used last night. Someone sneaked into the room during the night, and put it between my back and the bed sheet with the lid open, so the cream stuck on my shirts on the back. Besides, some kind of sticky oil was put into liquid body soap in the bath room, so the soap would not work when I take shower.

May 14
There was a long hair (about 20 cm long – my hair is less than 1 cm) on the floor of my room again when I came back from outside in the evening. Someone made a small dent on the handle of my wooden sowrd.

May 15
The wrist band of my watch was cut again about 5 mm long.

May 17
I found the entire part of the edge of Dynasty Forge sword was dulled by someone when I came back from my stay in Bangkok on weekend.

May 18, 2015
While I was out of my room from 7:15 pm to 9:45 pm, someone sneaked into my room and made scratches about 5 cm wide on the blade of Dojo Pro sword. Also some holes of the shower head in the bath room was stuck with tiny particles.

May 20, 2015
While I was taking shower in my apartment from 4:15 to 4:30 pm, someone sneaked into the room and put a piece of string on the chair so I would notice.

Similar harassment (recently occurred ones only):
Apr. 6
While I was taking shower in my apartment, someone sneaked into the room and put an under-wear on the bed.
Apr. 12
I found someone sneaked into my room while I was out in Bangkok, and set the alarm of the clock on. The battery was dead when I came back. (On the other day, they did it on my computer mouse, too).
Apr. 17
While I was in the bathroom of my apartment, someone sneaked into the room and put an ear cleaner stick on the chair.
May 6
When I came back from the university at night, I found that someone used the air conditioner at my apartment room while I was out. Besides, my computer was used and forcedly turned off. Moreover, a bundle of incense sticks was stolen from the drawer of my desk.
May 10
While I was sleeping at night in my apartment room, someone sneaked into the room and “closed and locked” the windows. I always keep them open so smoke of mosquito coil goes away.

As of today, other residents of the apartment and the landlord’s family continue to cooperate with COINTELPRO stalking and harassment, and electronic harassment which includes the remote neural monitoring system, too.

As mentioned before, I went to the local police station at Cha-am to report these. Also I tried asking the other residents, who are students of Silpakorn university, if they heard or saw anything weird around my room. However, these residents always answered that they did not know or hear anything about it although some of them should know because they are engaged in COINTELPRO stalking -- the remote monitoring system can monitor everything and every movement in my room 24/7.

Instead, they made false report about my questioning, such as "He is threatening us to death!" In addition, for unknown reason a teacher at Silpakorn University coerced me into keeping silent about my loss and damages. Although a lot of teachers and staff in the university engage in COINTELPORO stalking and harassment, this teacher desperately denied such crimes existing in Thailand, and firmly refused to know the details of my crime victimization.

Moreover, I showed to the landlords my damaged properties every time it happened. Besides, I asked them to replace the door lock to improve the security but they never carried it out -- from this weird reaction, it can be surmised that the landlords, who posses spare keys, are highly likely to be involved in the vandalism, too.


On May 12, the teacher mentioned above took me to the university faculty office, and had me sign the paper which says the university would not renew the next year contract with me.

I have been -- and am being right now, too -- organizedly harassed and stalked, being deprived of privacy, sleep and safety 24/7. Moreover, like previously I reported on this blog, someone regularly sneaks into my apartment room almost EVERY WEEKEND, and sometimes even evry other day or everyday! My money, clothes, and other minor stuff were stolen, my practice swords were destroyed and/or damaged little by little, etc.

As long as I reported it on the Internet, the university teachers overlooked. However, this year I started explaining the issue to the students who live in my apartment and who obviously kept stalking me.

Then, people at the university seemed scared that the truth might spread among students, so they decided not to continue the cntract and started preparing a lot of tricks and traps that make me look "not qualified teacher." In fact as early as in March some of the teachers and students implied to me that the university was going to discontinue my contract, and some of them indicated that they would use "teaching skill evaluation" for the excuse.

Just as predicted, they told me that they discontinue because of "bad result of the evaluation from the students."



Open Question on Buddhism in Thailand どうして噓つきは地獄へ堕ちるのか




『洗脳の心理学』 高橋伸吾

... students and orphans are trained by this organization to harass, follow, and torture innocent people, who for whatever reason have been put on the organization’s hit list. They are ALREADY in every apartment block!

Deception is the name of the game, so recruits are told untrue sinister stories of their victims to keep them motivated. [この犯罪は騙しこそがすべてで、被害者について悪意に満ちた、でっちあげのストーリーが、新入りの加害者たちに吹き込まれる。これが加害を行なう動機づけに使われている。]


'From what has wish in the world its origin, and resolutions whence do they spring, anger and falsehood and doubt, and the Dhammas which are made known by the Samana (Gotama)?' (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 866)

6. 'What they call pleasure and displeasure in the world, by that wish springs up; having seen decay and origin in (all) bodies, a person forms (his) resolutions in the world. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 867)







「人は何故嘘をつくのでしょうか?」 それは浅はかな自己防衛のためです。浅はかなという言葉を使ったのは、真の意味で自己防衛は真実にあることを知らない者の自己防衛だからです。(この問題についてはここでは議論しません。) 自己防衛とは、不快を避けて、快を求めることです。これが死から免れることだと思っているのです。この目的のため事実か虚偽かは問題になりません。ある場合には事実に反することでも言うのです。これが嘘の真相です。


【Case Study】

Concerning the harassment problems in my apartment, last Friday, Apr. 17, an university instructor, Mr. C called me and tried to coerce me into moving out the apartment by that weekend. He did not explain the reason, but told me to find a new place and get out of the current room “in two days” by Apr. 19.

I have often heard from many people – especially a Japanese teacher in Silpakorn university -- that in Thailand, where there is no concept of democracy or human rights like the Western and Japanese socieities, people here do not respect or protect the rights of socially weak people –especially foreigners like me.

Therefore, rather than wasting time arguing with such people who do not respect our rights, I decided to accept his “unreasonable order,” and asked around about seven apartments in the campus area for a couple of hours by bike. Unfortunately, however, no rooms were found for such a short notice. Thus, I explained it to him, and asked for some more time to look for a new apartment.

Then, he started explaining the reason why he ordered it. He told me that the landlord complained to him because I said to her “I will kill you if the same problems (harassment) happen again.” -- That was totally a false claim of her.

Here I will explain what exactly happened. On Apr. 16, at about 9 pm, I showed the landlord’s family my swords which were damaged again and the sword bag which was cut with knife by someone while I kepet them in my room.

There was the husband of her family member there for Songkran holidays. He is from Netherlands and speaks good English, so I explained the harassment I received. The Dutch husband pointed at that there is no security camera in this apartment is the biggest problem. Also he suggested that they should exchange the door locks and see what the true cause will be. The strange thing is that the landlord’s family members showed somehow nervous face and did not agree with his suggestion.

On the next day morning, Apr. 17, I found that someone entered my room and intentionally left some trace while I was in the toilet with the room door unlocked. In fact, similar harassment had happened several times before. I reported about this to one of the landlord’s family member. Then she truned upset and claimed in simple English with gestures: “Did you actually see someone entering your room? Did you see? Did you see?” She was so upset that she looked trying to deny the harassment –or maybe she was.

In response to her claim, I said to her with a citation of the Buddha’s words: “I did not actually see the person because I was in the toilet, but do not worry. The Buddha is always watching us. The Buddha said people who did such bad things and lie that they did not will go to hell when they die. The Buddha is always watching us, so do not worry!” Then the landlord called Mr. C and told him that I said “I will kill you if the same problems (harassment) happen again!”

In the evening of Apr. 17, at about 5 pm a student, who stayed in the apartmet translated my explanation, and the landlord understood that it was her misinterpretation.

I also tried to explain the truth to Mr. C. To my surprise, not only did he not let me explain the facts at first, but also he kept single-sidedly talking, and even after he knew the truth, he told me NOT to ask, or even talk to the students in the apartment anymore about the facts of harassment I have been receiving. He coerced that “If you say anything about the harassment to other residents, you must get out of the apartment. I already promised to the landlord that I will kick you out if you talk about the damages and harassment. Sorry!”

In addition, he mentioned that concerning this issue, so many similar complaints have been reported Head of “Department M,”which I belong to, from the students and their teachers of “Department A” since most of the students, who stay in the apartments -- and apparently who are participate in the organized stalking/harassment -- belong to Department A. I did ask the students if they saw a stranger or heard any noise of entering my room, , and/or if they know of the organized stalking/harassment program, but I never threatened them. Thus, I asked Mr. C specifically what they are complaining about because they are highly likely to be “false report,” too. Nevertheless, he did not (or could not) answer my questions.

As a matter of fact, last autumn in 2014, Mr. C himself told me that likewise techniques were used to fire instructors. According to him, about 5 years ago, then-chief instructor fired two Japanese instructors by using some students as false complaintant, just because she did not like the instructors.

Moreover, he told me not to say something like: “The Buddha said people who did such bad things and lie that they did not will go to hell when they die. He said that we should not talk about life and death, which totally opposed to what I learned as the Buddha’s teachings. On the contrary, the Buddha always taught that we should always be aware that all of us will die eventually. In fact, Theravada or Mahayana, contemplating the death is the key practice of Buddhism. Therefore, I said to Mr. C that this is not what I invented but what the Shakyamuni Buddha said. Then, he said: “you are not allowed to say it because you are Japanese.” To my knowledge, the Buddha or any Arahans in history have never mentioned that the Thai people can recite the Buddha’s words but the Japanese people may not do so.

Thus, I would like to ask you a question if I may. I do not know if Mr. C is a Buddhist or even so, which sect (cult?) he belongs to, but what sutra is his idea that “the Japanese Buddhists are not supposed to talk about life and death” based upon? The main purpose of my stay in Thailand is to study and practice Buddhism, so I am very interested in where he learned such thought. I have thus far studied the Theravada sutras -- Dhammapada, Sutta-Nipata, Samyutta-Nikaya, Therigata – ,and the Mahayana sutras -- Amitaba Sutra, Meditation Sutra, Infinite Sutra, Diamond sutra, Heart Sutra, etc. However, I cannot find any single statement that can be interprted as: “Buddhists should not talk about life and death” or “The Japanese Buddhists are not allowed to mention what the Buddha taught, but Thai Buddhists can.”

Accordingly, I truly appreciate it if Mr. C or someone on behalf could explain exactly what he meant by that statement and where his thought comes from. Compared to this issue, the problem of my apartment is so tedious, because wrong interpretation of the Buddha’s teachings – especially by a university lecturer -- can cause tremendous sufferings to the sincere Buddhists in the world in the long run, and it leads to serious devastation of Buddhism.


The world does not know that we must all come to an end [die] here;--but those who know it, their quarrels cease at once. (Dhammapada, Verse 6)

This body is wasted, full of sickness, and frail; this heap of corruption breaks to pieces, life indeed ends in death. (Dhammapada, Verse 148)

Look at others passing away, men that go (to what they deserve) according to their deeds, beings trembling already here, after falling into the power of death. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 587)

In whatever manner people think (it will come to pass), different from that it becomes, so great is the disappointment (in this world); see, (such are) the terms of the world. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 588)

Even if a man lives a hundred years or even more, he is at last separated from the company of his relatives, and leaves life in this world. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 589)

'He who speaks falsely goes to hell, or he who having done something says, "I have not done it;" both these after death become equal, in another world (they are both) men guilty of a mean deed. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 661)

'He who offends an offenceless man, a pure man, free from sin, such a fool the evil (deed) reverts against, like fine dust thrown against the wind. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 662)

'For one's deeds are not lost, they will surely come (back to you), (their) master will meet with them, the fool who commits sin will feel the pain in himself in the other world. (Sutta-Nipata, Verse 666)

Dhamma talk on the real hell by a highly revered Thai monk


Concerning the questions above, I received a phone call from Mr. C. We discussed the issue for about an hour. Besides, he sent me an email reply based on our conversation on the phone so I can ponder.

He enthusiastically tried to persuade me -- at least he did not ignore my questions as I was afraid. Moreover, he admitted that there was nothing wrong with the Buddha’s words I mentioned regarding the Buddhist teachings.

Nonetheless, his explanations partly contain contradiction to what he previously said. He also mentioned before that he is not a serious Buddhist, and he does not have faith in the Buddha’s teachings despite of his plenty of knowledge on Buddhism. He said: “I just know Buddhism, but do not practice it.” He has sometimes used my personal information stolen by remote neural monitoring systems.

As if he validated his confess on his own, he committed organized stalking to me again on Apr. 21, 2015, at around 7 pm. I pointed out that he appeared in front of me as if he had known in advance when and where I was going to just as other COINTELPRO stalkers do. He desperately denied stalking with “Gyaku-Gire 逆ギレ (reverse-anger). He insisted that the encountering was just “a coincidence.” Besides, he claimed that he never lies so I should trust him.

At the same time, I was coerced by Mr. C into keeping silent about COINTELPRO stalking/harassment on campus and at my apartment. Moreover, he firmly refused to know about the COINTELPRO crimes when I offered to give him the detail information. He rather emphasized how much merits he provided me since he had a job interview with me when I was hired. By doing so, it seems that Mr. C tried to discourage me to accuse of their evil doings and deception. Probably he himself was mind controlled in the same way to cooperate with COINTELPRO crimes. The other day, he said to me: “I have found that money is everything. Without grant from the university, I will not be able to study abroad to get a higher degree.” In my observation, this is how mass mind control works – after all, mind control is “epidemic.”

On Apr. 30 at 8:45 am at the cafeteria on campus, Mr. C committed COINTELPRO stalking again to me. As usual student perps were watching us. It means that Mr. C --and other teachers who perpeturate COINTELPRO harassment in front of the students -- are sending a message to young students that “There is no problem to harm innocent people and lie: "I never did such a thing" to deceive the third party people.” This seems to show how low morality is passed on to the next generation in Thailand, who are supposed to lead the future Thai society.

Vandalism Continued after My Police Report

Since I moved in the current residence, someone constantly intruded my room, probably with a copied key, and has stolen money and other things, and damaged my belongings. For instance, the strap of my sandals was cut, and the band of my watch was also cut with sharp knife. The damages include my practice swords which I was supposed to use for martial arts training.

On this issue, I reported to the local police on February 19, 2015. After reporting, however, the vandalism still continues. Especially after I stay in Bangkok a couple of days on weekends, some properties in my room are severely damaged.

Feb 25 Someone intruded my room and made scratches with #800 grind, which I kept in the closet, on the whole blade of Dynasty Forge (DF) sword.

Feb 27 Someone intruded my room and unsharpened the blade of DF sword about 7 cm long on one third part from the tip.
I also found that green polo shirts were stolen from my room -- probably because a week before I bought the same shirts with different color in Bangkok, and the perps wanted me to feel that they were always stalking me anywhere around.
Moreover, I found that two packs of wet tissue were stolen from my room -- one was even half way used. When I "thought" of writing this incident, perps who live upstairs of my room came and dropped a sheet of tissue paper in front of my room door (at 10:30 pm, Mar. 1). The next morning, yellow polo shirts, which were not mine, were put at the apartment entrance.

Mar 1 After coming back from Bangkok, I found deep scratches (3 cm x 2, and 1 cm x 1)on the middle part of saya (scabbard or blade case). Since I kept the sword in the box, it could not happen unless someone made them by a hard material tool like metal knife with strong pressure.

Mar 5 The tip (3 cm long ) of the blade of Dojo Pro sword was bent to the right. This damage also requires holding and pressing the blade very hard. Thus, someone did it on purpose.
In addition, I found 6 cm long many scratches of # 800 or #1200 grind, which I kept in the desk, on the yokote (near the tip) part of Ronin Hammer Forged sword. This part of the blade was also un-sharpened (damaged on the edge). The styrofoam box which contains the sword was broken, too. I have never used this sword for cutting or used grind on the blade. Thus, it can be concluded that someone intruded my room and made it on purpose.

Mar 16, Mon
After coming back from my weekend stay in Bangkok, I found that more than twenty scratches were made on the blade and habaki of Dojo Pro sword. Most scratches on the blade were made intensively at the part about 15 cm down from the tip. This is the main part used in cutting, and in fact, the traces of scratches indicate that someone sneaked into my room, used this sword, and cut something very hard with it.

At 3 pm when I came back from work, I found that there was a 20 cm long hair on the floor again. When I left the room in the morning, I cleaned the floor, so someone sneaked into the room and dropped the hair – most likely on purpose.
Apr. 10, 2015
At 6:40 pm on University campus
When I tried to withdraw money at ATM booth on campus, I realized that my ATM card was stolen from the wallet. The last time I withdrew money was at about 1 pm, on Apr. 7, thus, the theft took place sometime between April 7 and 10.
Besides, this week there had been many signs intentionally left to make me notice that someone sneaked into my room while I was out. My sword’s blade was damaged again during the last two weeks, too, just like I had reported previously.
As of today, other residents of the apartment continue to cooperate with COINTELPRO stalking and harassment, too.

As of today, Apr. 13, other residents of the apartment and the landlord continue to cooperate with COINTELPRO stalking and harassment, too.

Electronic Harassment (Torture) in the Apartment


Although forced entry into a mind is by definition obscene, an abbreviated assessment of the effects that mind-invaded people describe testifies to the perverted nature of the experiments. Bizarre noises are emitted from the body, a body known well enough by its owner to recognise the noises as extrinsic; air is pumped in and out of orifices as if by a bicycle pump. Gradually the repertoire is augmented - twinges and spasms to the eyes, nose, lips, strange tics, pains in the head, ringing in the ears, obstructions in the throat, pressure on the bowel and bladder causing incontinence; tingling in the fingers, feet, pressures on the heart, on breathing, dizziness, eye problems leading to cataracts; running eyes, running nose; speeding up of heart beats and the raising of pressure in the heart and chest; breathing and chest complaints leading to bronchitis and deterioration of the lungs; agonizing migraines; being woken up at night, sometimes with terrifying jolts ; insomnia; intolerable levels of stress from the loss of one’s privacy. This collection of assorted symptoms is a challenge to any medical practitioner to diagnose.


"On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology"
Medical Doctor: Carole Smith


【Case Study】

In addition to their routine organized stalking/harassment, in my apartment, the perpetrators use all kinds of classified electronic weapons listed above by Dr. Smith to torture the COINTELPRO victims.

For instance, on a daily basis I sit and silently pray to meditate twice a day or more in my room. Every time I start meditation, the neighbors start noise harassment to disturb my Buddhist practice. Then, the perps unnecessarily go up and down the stairs with loud noise and/or come in and out the apartment entrance with loud beep sound of the door lock – some perps hit several times in a row on purpose. Since my room is located right beside the entrance door and below the stairs, the perps think that this harassment annoys me quite effectively. Moreover, exactly at the same timing when I finish silently reciting mantra “in mind,” the perps beep the door alarm.

When the perps perpetrate the harassment, they always hold the mobile phone. It seems that they are acting according to the “Que” sent by their mobile phone.

The Police Report of Stolen Money and Damaged Items

[Advertisement] VPS


“Incredible! It’s incredible! You know what I found when I went home? They are looting my house! How can they do this? My father and grandfather are both workers.”…The young man was full of indignation and almost in tears

[The Cultural Revolution and its Propaganda Methods]

U.S. Patent: Mind Reading/Mind Control Machine  米国特許:思考解読&思考操作機器

Inventor: Robert G. Malech
Patent number: 3951134

Abstract: … The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.


'Then let the Sâvaka abstain from (taking) anything in any place that has not been given (to him), knowing (it to belong to another), let him not cause any one to take, nor approve of those that take, let him avoid all (sort of) theft.

'Let no one speak falsely to another in the hall of justice or in the hall of the assembly, let him not cause (any one) to speak (falsely), nor approve of those that speak (falsely), let him avoid all (sort of) untruth.'

"Sutta-Nipata" (The Buddha, BC 6 c)












【Case study】

Since I moved in the current residence, some one regularly sneaked into my room with a spare key. Thus far, more than 8,500 Thai bahts cash were stolen, and three Japanese swords that I was supposed to use for Iaido practice were destroyed to dis-function. This damages cost 37,000 Thai bahts (approx. 1,200 USD) in total. Hence, I went to the local police station on Feb 19, 2015 and submitted the police report as follows -- Only major cases with hard evidences are listed. Nonetheless, intangible harassment is persistently implemented and is still ongoing. I also added some more facts to the original report so the blog readers could grasp clearer picture of this crime.

I am a Buddhist, there are Buddha images in my room, and I pray to meditate everyday. Immediately after I start meditaion, the perps in the apartment start making a certain noise to disturb – unnecessarily repeating beep sounds of the entrance lock, and going up and down the stairs, both of which are located right beside my room. In addition, a wrist band which I got from temple and an Arahan’s pendant are hanged on the door knob. The culprits ignore these Buddhist sacred when they sneak into my room, which means they dare to look down on the Buddha, Buddhists, and its teachings. Offending Buddhism as they do in this country leads to insulting the King Bhumipol (Pumipon), who proclaims himself to be a sincere student of the Buddha. By the way, based on the Buddhist teachings, I am still waiting for the perpetrators and thieves to correct themselves and compensate for the loss or return what they stole from me.

July 8 I moved in the current apartment.

July 9 Approximately 5,000 bahts was stolen from an envelope which I kept in the drawer of the desk in my room.

By July 28, some one constantly sneaked into my room, and averagely 140 bahts per day was stolen from the wallet that I put in the closet. The total amount of stolen cash from the wallet is estimated approximately 2,500 bahts. Similar theft took place in October, 2014, and at least 1,000 bahts in total was stolen.

Dec 21 My cell phone was stolen when I left it at the entrance of the apartment for about three hours.

January 12 I received three practice swords from the U.S.

16 Fri I found that someone sneaked into my room and damaged the blade of one of the swords with pliers something, and left acid-like stains on the other two.

18 Sun When I came back from Bangkok, I found that the extension plug in my room was shorted and burnt.

19 Mon Someone put tamarind fruits in the washing machine while I was washing clothes. (The day before at a restaurant the waitress there gave me tamarind.)

21 Wed Someone sneaked into my room and unsharpened all the blades of my three swords. Also Someone dissembled one of the swords’ handle and cut the opening area to dis-function it. These damages amount to 37,000 bahts loss because the commercial value of the thees brand new swords was reduced to none.

24 Sat When I showed the broken sword to the apartment manager at the their grocery store, two men in their twenties immediately appeared, and they stared at my swords. They stayed in front of the manager’s store for about ten minutes doing nothing while I was talking with the manager and her friends.

Moreover, a couple of days before, I asked some university students who live in the apartment not to stay close to me when I am practicing sword martial art for safety reason. Then his friend “student” with tattoos came out of the room with a hammer and he knocked the wall with it as if he was telling me that he would destroy something.

25 Sun At 21:20 when I came back to the apartment from university, 5 students were loitering at the entrance, and they laughed at me when I passed. I found in my room that the handle of the sword was destroyed by someone.

26 Mon In the morning I found that the blade of the sword was unsharpened again. Also a rubber blade holder was untied by someone while I was sleeping at night.

Between 8:45 – 9:00 am while I was exercising outside, someone sneaked into my room with spare key, and put chewing gum on the handle of my tooth brush. Similar harassment took place twice thereafter – one put chemical which caused tooth pain, and the other put brown color dirt on the brush, which emitted obnoxious odor.

27 Tue – 30 Fri Someone sneaked into my room on a daily basis and destroy the handles of the swords. Two of them had been damaged during shipping, so the handles were under repair, but someone broke them again. The other safe one also started rattling when used.

30 Fri The pins to the sword handle were moved from the original points, which indicates that some one dissemble the sword to manipulate it. Toilet paper in the bath room was almost used up while I was out at university. Similar harassment constantly took place several times since last year.

Feb 1 While I was polishing fuchi (the cap of sword handle), residents in the upstairs room started making hammering noise. Until now, every time I start fixing my swords, the perps start making a certain noise – unnecessarily repeating beep sounds of the entrance lock, etc – so they can notice me that they are always monitoring my actions from outside the room.

Feb 2 In my apartment room, I found out that the inner wood of the sword handle was grinded by someone, so there was space between the handle and the blade. When I tapped the handle, it made unusual sound like crapping although the handle of this sword was completely tight a couple of weeks ago when I received it as brand new.
The moment I heard the defection sound, a girl student in the upstairs room burst into loud scoff, so she could notice me that she was watching me finding this damage and getting shocked. She and her peers seem to be monitoring my actions through COINTELPRO devices.

Feb 6 at 20:00 While I was taking shower, someone sneaked into my room and put my watch in front of the shower room. (An hour before, the watch was missing on campus and I looked around for it.) A student witnessed that the apartment manager left from my aprtment with motorcycle at the moment.

Feb 9 The sword handle under repair was cleaved inside by someone again. The blades were also partly unsharpened again although I had re-sharpened them taking hours of hand work.

Feb 17 When I got up in the morning, I found a hair about 20 cm long on the room floor – my hair is under 2 cm long. There were crumbs of styrofoam and a piece of sand paper beside a sword box which was made of styrofoam. I found that the blade of the swrod inside was scratched.

Feb 18 Toilet paper in the bath room was almost used up again while I was out at university. I found a paper clip beside a sword box -- Some hours before, I found a paper clip on the chair of my desk at the office.

Feb 27 I found that green polo shirts were stolen from my room -- probably because a week before I bought the same shirts with different color in Bangkok, and the perps wanted me to feel that they were always stalking me anywhere around.

Also I found that two packs of wet tissue were stolen from my room -- one was even half way used. When I "thought" of writing this incident, perps who live upstairs of my room came and dropped a sheet of tissue paper in front of my room door (at 10:30 pm, Mar. 1). The next morning, yellow polo shirts, which were not mine, were put at the apartment entrance.



cointelpro mk ultra

Author:cointelpro mk ultra
The writer of 『拝啓 日本のギャングストーカー犯罪者の皆様』(Dear COINTELPRO Criminals) <集団ストーカーの死> (The Death of COINTELPRO Stalkers), and "Unprecedented Human Rights Violation" Discussion Room / Study Room. Also a co-editor of 「新しいタイプの人権侵害・暴力」(Unprecedented Human Rights Violation)

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