From my diary dated on September 24, 2014

Today a senior student at my department passed away by a car accident.
I was not teaching this student, but my class students who belong to the same department as she came to my office this morning, and asked me to cancel the class since they would like to go to her funeral.
So two classes of mine were cancelled, and I had only one class today.

One more semester to graduation -- when I think about her parent's sorrow, I have no words.
Nonetheless, most people on campus looked the same as usual.
There was even a rock music concert at the gym tonight, and I saw a lot of students dressed-up like a punk gathering there.
There seemed to be no religious gatherings on campus.

Thus, I decided to go to the statue of Ganesha on campus to wish for a better life after death for her. On the way I rode a bike and slowly rounded the huge campus because I believed that she would miss this scenery, and also because I wanted to remind myself that this could happen to anyone at any moment...Impermanence of life.

Incidentally today was my father's memorial day, too.
I wish you all peace in mind.


In the next class we happened to study units of time. For instance, day is “nichi,” hour is “jikan,” minute is “fun,” and so forth. Then, I asked if some one knew what the number, 86,400 means.
These figures are the number of seconds that a day has: 60 x 60 x 24 =86,400.

I told them that no matter who we are, the U.S. President or a college student, 86,400 seconds are equally given to everyone everyday. This is “use it or lose it,” so we should not waste our time for stupid things.

In fact, this is what the deceased student taught me – indeed, 86,400 seconds are equally given to everyone, but this may expire today. Even if it does not today, it may discontinue tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, it may the after tomorrow… therefore, we have no seconds to waste.

A couple of weeks later was the mid-term exam week. Unlike the regular weeks, there was already a bunch of students in front of each classroom. They were busy with the last minute-study, gazing at class notes and craming the stuff into their head. The deceased student was supposed to be there – just until ten days ago.

Email to my friend (Date: Oct. 9, 2014)







Conquer this desire which gods and men stand wishing for and are dependent upon, let not the (right) moment pass by you; for those who have let the (right) moment pass, will grieve when they have been consigned to hell.

"Sutta-Nipata" (The Buddha, BC 6C)





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