Cont'd: The Police Report of Stolen Money and Damaged Items

The followings are the updated information of continued vandalism on my apartment room.

Apr. 27 Mon
After I came back from Bangkok, I found that someone sneaked into my room and the blade edge of Dojo Pro sword again.

May 3, Sun
When I came back from my Bangkok, I found someone sneaked into my room and put a raw fish skin about 2 cm wide on the bed of my room. Besides, someone made many scrathes again – this time near the mouth of the scabbard (blade case) of Dojo Pro sword.

May 7
In the morning when I woke up, I found an insect bite cream on my back in the bed, which I used last night. Someone sneaked into the room during the night, and put it between my back and the bed sheet with the lid open, so the cream stuck on my shirts on the back. Besides, some kind of sticky oil was put into liquid body soap in the bath room, so the soap would not work when I take shower.

May 14
There was a long hair (about 20 cm long – my hair is less than 1 cm) on the floor of my room again when I came back from outside in the evening. Someone made a small dent on the handle of my wooden sowrd.

May 15
The wrist band of my watch was cut again about 5 mm long.

May 17
I found the entire part of the edge of Dynasty Forge sword was dulled by someone when I came back from my stay in Bangkok on weekend.

May 18, 2015
While I was out of my room from 7:15 pm to 9:45 pm, someone sneaked into my room and made scratches about 5 cm wide on the blade of Dojo Pro sword. Also some holes of the shower head in the bath room was stuck with tiny particles.

May 20, 2015
While I was taking shower in my apartment from 4:15 to 4:30 pm, someone sneaked into the room and put a piece of string on the chair so I would notice.

Similar harassment (recently occurred ones only):
Apr. 6
While I was taking shower in my apartment, someone sneaked into the room and put an under-wear on the bed.
Apr. 12
I found someone sneaked into my room while I was out in Bangkok, and set the alarm of the clock on. The battery was dead when I came back. (On the other day, they did it on my computer mouse, too).
Apr. 17
While I was in the bathroom of my apartment, someone sneaked into the room and put an ear cleaner stick on the chair.
May 6
When I came back from the university at night, I found that someone used the air conditioner at my apartment room while I was out. Besides, my computer was used and forcedly turned off. Moreover, a bundle of incense sticks was stolen from the drawer of my desk.
May 10
While I was sleeping at night in my apartment room, someone sneaked into the room and “closed and locked” the windows. I always keep them open so smoke of mosquito coil goes away.

As of today, other residents of the apartment and the landlord’s family continue to cooperate with COINTELPRO stalking and harassment, and electronic harassment which includes the remote neural monitoring system, too.

As mentioned before, I went to the local police station at Cha-am to report these. Also I tried asking the other residents, who are students of Silpakorn university, if they heard or saw anything weird around my room. However, these residents always answered that they did not know or hear anything about it although some of them should know because they are engaged in COINTELPRO stalking -- the remote monitoring system can monitor everything and every movement in my room 24/7.

Instead, they made false report about my questioning, such as "He is threatening us to death!" In addition, for unknown reason a teacher at Silpakorn University coerced me into keeping silent about my loss and damages. Although a lot of teachers and staff in the university engage in COINTELPORO stalking and harassment, this teacher desperately denied such crimes existing in Thailand, and firmly refused to know the details of my crime victimization.

Moreover, I showed to the landlords my damaged properties every time it happened. Besides, I asked them to replace the door lock to improve the security but they never carried it out -- from this weird reaction, it can be surmised that the landlords, who posses spare keys, are highly likely to be involved in the vandalism, too.


On May 12, the teacher mentioned above took me to the university faculty office, and had me sign the paper which says the university would not renew the next year contract with me.

I have been -- and am being right now, too -- organizedly harassed and stalked, being deprived of privacy, sleep and safety 24/7. Moreover, like previously I reported on this blog, someone regularly sneaks into my apartment room almost EVERY WEEKEND, and sometimes even evry other day or everyday! My money, clothes, and other minor stuff were stolen, my practice swords were destroyed and/or damaged little by little, etc.

As long as I reported it on the Internet, the university teachers overlooked. However, this year I started explaining the issue to the students who live in my apartment and who obviously kept stalking me.

Then, people at the university seemed scared that the truth might spread among students, so they decided not to continue the cntract and started preparing a lot of tricks and traps that make me look "not qualified teacher." In fact as early as in March some of the teachers and students implied to me that the university was going to discontinue my contract, and some of them indicated that they would use "teaching skill evaluation" for the excuse.

Just as predicted, they told me that they discontinue because of "bad result of the evaluation from the students."





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